How to start my project?

Simply contact us  via phone or email – more details here. We offer a free consultation and initial cost estimate for all projects.

Why should we choose you?

Top five reasons why potential clients choose us:

  1. In business for over 20 years, with three generations of experience and knowledge – the familly owned business
  2. We take pride in our work, with quality, attention to detail and safety – many years of project management
  3. Competitively low priced, using above standard material on each and every job
  4. Our Employees are long fully employed with us, we have a thorough hiring process
  5. Licensed and Bonded by the New York City Department Of Consumers Affairs

How can you help me meet my project goals?

We work in a very organized way.

At the beginning we setup the scope of work, designs and plans with you.

You will know the schedule and deliverable on each project milestone.

  1. We organize weekly safety meetings – also to update you on progress
  2. you can reach us via email or phone call
  3. on-going everyday cleanup on your premises -hauled away own trash
  4. we protect materials from theft
  5. we protect your rooms for any renovation, remodeling job
  6. we have our own punch-list with details to do
  7. we prepare also our own set of plans
  8. we protect finished surfaces
  9. everyday we check internally the progress and any possible issues with our team
  10. if you require any change in our work scope, we don’t overcharge on change orders.

Do you prepare designs?

Yes, we can prepare draft designs, shop-drawings and detailed architectural designs with our architects.

Everything depends on your needs and complexity of your project.

We also work on designs you prepared with your architect.

Can you read plans?

Of course, we can read all types of plans – architectural, electrical and interior design plans.

Do you understand codes?

Yes, of course, we understand codes – construction, electrical, plumbing, etc. We are Construction Engineers with many years of experience.

What languages do you speak?

We are English native speakers, as well as we speak Polish, Russian and if needed Spanish.

Do you provide some ideas how to do particular job?

Of course, after several years of experience and many projects successfully delivered we can provide you value-engineering ideas.

We specialize in woodwork and kitchen remodeling. We promise to deliver very user friendly and practical solutions for everyday living.

Do you have any draft contract for remodeling job?

Yes, of course. We use very similar template like NYC Model Home Improvement Contract