Green Builders GRP LLC can help you with your store interior design’s project at any project stage:  design, cost calculation, furniture creation – reception desk, shelves, wardrobes, special cabinets and interior decor.

Store’s interior is an important part of any retail business. Choosing the right furnishings and fixtures for the store can be done at the begining of your company startup and during the standard operations.

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“Green Builders GRP LLC can help you in any part of your store project remodeling process: from designing, creation to installation, for example cash desk, cabinets, wardrobes, doors, panel – made in wood, plactic, metal, glass or MDF. We work with architects or customers. Everything depends on your decision. We are really flexible. You will love working with us.”

Karol Urban, co-owner

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It is important to choose the right decor for your store because you need it to be appealing and welcoming to your customers so they keep returning, and you need it show off your products in their best possible light. You will also choose your furiture, decor, lamps depending on what it is you are selling. Your choice of decor will also depend on who you are targeting your products towards, whether it is the younger section of the population or those middle aged and over. When budgeting for fitting out your store you will need to remember to include the cost of shelving, light fittings, carpet, a counter and any other appropriate furnishing.

Please look at our gallery of store’s interior projects below.

Your choice of design theme will be based around what it is you are selling.

We can prepare:

  • more modern
  • contemporary style if your product is modern and up to date,
  • more rustic if you are selling products that match this theme.
  • traditional
  • art deco
  • and any other

Have a good look at your space before you decide on the layout for your fixtures and furnishings. It is better to keep the space light and airy, so any tall shelves should be at the back of the store. You want people to walk into the store and see the whole of the room at once.

You want their eye to be drawn into the room, but don’t confuse them by having too much product out otherwise it will appear cluttered. Keep aisles wide so that people in wheelchairs and mums with prams can fit through every gap. It is extremely frustrating for customers if they cannot walk around the whole store because there is not enough space.

Choose furniture that suits the theme of your decorating and what you are selling. You might want to choose pieces that are understated so they don’t overpower the products, particularly if you are display goods on the furniture. Don’t buy furniture that is too cheap because you want it to last. You will find that it will undergo a fair few knocks, as the general public will be less kind to your furniture than they are to their own.