Stairs planning, designing and building experience, Green Builders GRP LLC can take your stairs needs from start to finish. Whether its American Oak or Brazilian Cherry, you can count on us to build your stairs with quality materials and workmanship you can only expect from fine craftsmen of our company.

In terms of renovation, replacing a staircase is akin to knocking down a structural wall. But if your stairs are badly positioned, oppressive, or hinder light flow through the house, then it’s worth considering, as a new flight can make all the difference.


“Green Builders GRP LLC are able to prepare any stairs design, creation and installation, made from wood.First together with you, we analyze your current stairs, your project if it is a new house. Next we need to find out your preffered style, aspirations, material you would like to use and budget that you plan to spend. As you know very well the stairs can be very simple or L shape or double, U-shaped. Everything depends on your decision. We are really flexible. You will love working with us.”

Henryk Urban, co-owner

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We always consult an architect, as it’s critical that a new staircase fits in both proportionally and stylistically. A staircase is always interfacing with another area of the house, so there are lots of elements to consider. The middle section of the staircase can be quite straightforward, but the connections to rest of the building should be seamless.

We specialize in the following  types of stairs:

  • Straight stairs: These are the most simple in design without any turn. Also, they are easy to build. You will get long open space provided that your house has high ceiling. But, it has a drawback too. It cannot be accommodated in floor plan. If your budget is not high this is the best option you can get.
  • L-Shaped Stairs: This is a good alternative if there is not enough ceiling space available for straight stairs, though it consumes more floor space than straight steps. It can be positioned anywhere in the room, even in corner. Because if its shape it is difficult to construct, but is worth if you consider space management.
  • Double L or U-shaped stairs: This design is appropriate if you want to construct steps in a small floor space and to fulfill the need of many raisers. Usually its design is like two flights of steps placed parallel to each other. You will get 180° turn with a large space to rest after climbing on flight of steps.

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