Our recent custom furniture projects

We know very well what type of wood to use for your interior.

Recently we prepared some furniture for our clients that really made a difference

The popular type of material is MDF

Custom upholstery bed headboard

In this job we were responsible for a fabrication of custom headboard. The job was located on upper West side in Manhattan. The designer handed us a project to construct a headboard that would suit her clients’ need.

First we came, we needed to prepare a special template of this custom furniture to find the right angle so the newly constructed headboard fits perfectly where it belongs. At the center of a unit there was 1” cushion wrapped in beautiful linen fabric.

The custom bed headboard was made of MDF with a satin Decorators White lacquer finish.

Custom radiator covers

The next custom furniture project took place in Forest Hills NY in a condominium building. In this job we built 3 separate and one double integrated radiator cover. Each unit was made of MEDEX MDF with satin white lacquer finish, beautiful aluminum grilles with access door and evenly spaced ribs on the front. When the job was done the results were astonishing.

Built-in closet

The project was located on Jay Street right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, in a beautiful 30 story apartment building. Our client had a space in his office room for a custom built in closet with by passing doors. We came up with a solution. We built a frame that supported large 8 feet long and 36 inches in depth storage box with 2 tilt up flat panel doors. Right below we fabricated 1 ¾” thick, 90 inches tall by 47 inches wide by passing doors sliding on Hettich rollers on heavy duty track. It was quite a journey to install them. Due to a very heavy load we needed additional supports. We anchored upper storage box to the ceiling, we used additional blocking wood pieces on the sides and put in a post at the center right behind the sliding doors. As you may notice on the pictures both doors had a score line, one on the top and one below it. Due to a very uneven, unleveled floor it cost us a lot of effort to make those doors work properly.

All work of this custom furniture was a combination of:

  • wood,
  • plywood
  • and MEDEX MDF.
  • The unit had a satin white lacquer finish.
  • The hardware that we used was Hettich and Blum Aventos soft closing lift system.
  • built-in closet

    built in closet full
  • built-in closet

    built in closet ceiling cabinet
  • built-in closet

    built in closet doors white
  • built-in closet

    built in closet white nyc
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