Small kitchen needs better design and color to fulfill its basic functions like meals preparations, washing, cleaning, etc.

A beautiful, efficient small kitchen is certainly a design challenge. Just imagine how many elements go into that small area and how hard it is to keep the smallest, yet most hectic place in a home tidy and neat.

Well, just because designing a compact, efficient and stylish kitchen is tough, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

We specialize in such kitchen designs and remodeling.

Our suggestions for colors:

  1. white and light colors can make a small kitchen look biggersmall kitchen design and remodeling
  2. dark tones are good for open spaces with dining room or  living roomdark tones kitchen
  3. the glossy, black backsplash is the key element leading to this successful small kitchen design.
  4. by tiling the backsplash horizontally, the homeowner not only widens the small, narrow room, but also creates a sense of depth to the tiny spacehigh gloss small kitchen
  5. high ceiling makes any small kitchen wider. You can add any color there.
  6. diagonal flooring can fool your eyes and visually expand your floor area.

Small kitchen needs better design.

Out tips:

  1. install a floor-to-ceiling cabinet – the lack of storage space always results in a messy countertop, making your small kitchen feel crowded. To maximize your kitchen’s storage potential
  2. use stainless steel appliances because they can reflect the light and give the feeling of more spacefloor-to-top kitchen cabinets
  3. open space layout is the most useful way to maximize a small kitchen, especially for those in urban studios NY. You can open it for living room or dining room.
  4. add some frosted glass doors to your cabinets. Frosted glass helps add an open feel to your small kitchen while keeping the cabinet clutter out of sight.
  5. the cutting board drawer  – your food prep will be efficient and fast.
  6. very efficient inside carts and drawers
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