Our curved cabinet

curved cabinet closed

Our new curved cabinet as a part of a bigger project proves that we love working with wood.

Now we got a special order for curved cabinets made of oak. We were really happy because we are able to present our skills and masterpiece.

It is really amazing that you can do just cabinets or “such” cabinets that add a great style and uniqueness to your home or office.

This is the first luxurious wooden cabinet “commode”  done in our shop. It is still in progress. We are working now on its custom finishing.

We would like to share a few pictures of curved commode.

What is a “commode”?

First of all  a commode is any of several pieces of furniture. The word commode comes from the French word for “convenient” or “suitable”. (from Wikipedia)

Sometimes it was a washstand in the past. Typically it is a great place for any photo frames, candles and other bibelots.

A commode occupied a prominent position in the room for which it was intended: it stood against the columns between the windows, in which case it would often be surmounted by a mirror glass, or a pair of identical commodes would flank the chimneypiece or occupy the center of each end wall. Simply it is always designed for adding a style and good atmosphere to the living room.

antique French commode cabinet

antique French commode cabinet

Our curved cabinet

Especially relevant the natural warmth and texture of wood provides a welcome contrast and nice atmosphere. This cabinet texture is really astonishing.

Everything is handmade by us.

Furthermore the drawers’ fronts are also curved. Consequently the front of this cabinet is also slightly curved. You can find only straight lines on the top and back of this cabinets.

All other cabinets will be in the same mood and style for a NYC apartment.

This one has three comfortable drawers with automated closing that makes them easy to use and pack some stuff inside.

Our curved cabinet can be easily changed into a bathroom vanity.

Please look at this amazing geometrical top of our curved cabinet that brings us French 16th century style into a modern look & feel.

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We prepared many other curved cabinets in the past – libraries, wall units, end cabinets and others. Please feel free to check our portfolio.

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