Our General Contractor Services

Green Builders GRP LLC provide complete remodeling and millwork services: custom cabinetry, finishing, kitchen and bathroom remodeling for private residences, businesses, commercial and industrial settings.

We have remodeled and improved many homes, apartments and commercial buildings in the Greater New York city area over the last several years.
As our client, you are a very important member of the design-build team.

The home renovation is a wonderful opportunity for you to customize your home exactly to your specifications. You can change the design or layout of the home to improve flow of traffic and usability of space. This can also help you to adjust the style of the home so that it is in line with your current preferences.

Your ideas and preferences help with the enhancement of the design process, materials selection, and budget. We rely on your good cooperation.

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By conducting research for the best solutions in functionality and elegance we can help you choose the most aesthetically pleasing solution which includes your ideas to make your dream home remodeling project come alive.


Our interior experience millwork and remodeling includes: houses, apartments, multifamily, offices, pubs, restaurants and retail projects.
Green Builders GRP  general contractor millwork services include the multiple interior details that your project needs like:

  • Tables, coffee tables and consoles
  • Ceilings & Wainscoting
  • Shop drawing Services

We use the best quality of American and European building, finishing and hardware supplies.
Finish materials (Becker’s Acroma, Campbells, Industrial Finishing Products, Behlen):

– Clear topcoat- nitro based with flat, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish
– White lacquer- nitro based with flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finish
– Alcohol based stains
– Varnishes
– Oil or water based polyurethanes

Hardware brands we use are the following:

– Baldwin
– Rusticware
– Omnia
– Blum
– Salice
– Colonial Bronze
– Belvedere

We work with a whole variety of wood species, veneers, plastic laminates and plywood including:

– Ash
– Anigre
– Cedar
– Birch
– Cherry
– Mahogany
– Maple
– Pine
– Oak
– Rosewood
– Teak
– Walnut

Custom doors

Doors are very important in every home, office or apartment. Front doors, inside doors, wooden, glass doors. All possibilities.

kitchen island New York

Wall paneling

Wall panels, window panels, screens: custom made, custom sizes, wooden.

Walk in closets

Closets can simply organize your life. Walk in closets are very convenient. We can create any closet you wish. Check!

Not convinced yet?

Here are some more of our traits

“Green Builders GRP LLC can help you in any home or apartment space and cabinets design, creation and installation, like kitchen cabinets, living room cabinets, bathroom vanities, shelves, made from MDF, plastic, glass and metal and of course our speciality – wood. We can sculpture unique wooden elements. First together with you, we analyze your style, your needs, aspirations, dreams and budget that you plan to spend. As you know very well your home design depends on your decision. We listen to our customers. You will love working with us.”

Henryk Urban, co-owner

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